Friday, July 29, 2005

Here is yummy receipe for you- "Apple pudding" (it's veg item)

Apple pudding-
10 biscuits (marrie preferably),
two drops of vanilla essence,
One fourth cup of water,
One fourth cup of fresh curd,
One cup milk (with malai preferably),
three/four cherries.

1)Make apple cubes (removing cover etc.),put it in non-stick pan then put it on gas pour one fourth cup of water in apple cubes, add two drops of vanilla essence, then add four tea-spoons sugar in it, remove from gas when it gets bit thick.

2)Take one glass bowl, put crushed biscuits (10 marries) then make layer of apple mixture, then add one cup of milk, malai, add sugar for taste.
3)For setting it, put bowl in freezer for two hrs.
4)Decorate it with cherries.

Today watched "Manasi" on Zee Marathi and got this easy and mouthwatering receipe.
Hope you try it (even if with some innovative ideas or making small changes as you wish). Don't forget to tell me how was it?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My letter our dearest friend "Nature"-

Oh Nature, first let me ask what is going on in your mind ? Your kids (read just come out of Tsunami and then earthquake at some places (recent being at Andaman-Nikobar scale 7.2) and now there is flood like situations in Maharashtra. Chief person(called Chief Minister) of Mah. today took bird-view of Mumbai even thru hellicopter as plyovers were traffic-jam, ppl. are stuck at buses/ rail stations due to heavy rains. It is said, rains have broken records of last 100 yrs. at some places. Well, it's due to opening of outlets of some dams, we know....but result is not pleasant. Mumbai is affected very badly unexpectedly with water levels upto double decker/first floor floor. Thanks God Pune is saved till today. Next 48 hrs. rains should slow down to make Mumbai work as usual. On new Pune-Mumbai highway there is downfalling of big stones due to rains disturbing traffic which is turned to old highway in between.. hope situation will be under control. My neighbours are scheduled to come this Monday, hope they can easily travel thru new highway as before.

I don't understand on one side there are flood like situations and on other side it is shown that there was fire at Oil plant in Sea and 45 employees on that plant are missing while 225 rescued.(Watched on Zee Marathi my for marathi serials on which I wish to write sometime). Am I quoting boring statistics? But thought to write down to make my point clear. Oh Nature, have a mercy with your creation. I know, you must be getting disturbed by some destructive activities done by your kids but forgive them before they cry for it."

Hope, I won't need write any reminder to our dear friend Nature.

Neighbours came back home on 2nd Aug.
75 trucks full of veg. are going daily to Mumbai from Pune, Nasik,Nagar as Mumbai's market experienced shortage and huge prices after floods.
Cars drowned in water need huge servicing ( I read in newspaper)
Insurance Cos.are promising to help on the basis of documentation of household appliances etc. for those who had insured their household items. They have advised comprehensive Insu.policy instead of only bugglery policy which doesn't cover floods or fire....advising to list out things,take photos of damaged furnitures,electronic items home before they dispose off (may be for documentation purpose if receipts are lost). People will need bearing 5%of market price of lost items and first of all opt for "new for old" while taking out policy or else depreciation will be considered....then for fixtures like wardrobes their costs are added in building costs and at Mumbai most of bldgs.are insured.- ( for detail news refer rediff news).

P.S.- (Aug.6)
Central Govt. has declared 1 crore help to Mah.State for rehabilitation work after floods.
Sakal relief fund collected at Sakal = Total amt. 13 lacs + (read in today's sakal) Further they are collecting help in form of old clothes,utensils etc. for flood affected some centres in City.
Mumbai is recovering step by step but slowly.
Karnataka Govt. not ready to outlet more water from Alamatti Dam as they fear of 600 towns getting into water (in Karnataka), so problem of Sangli,Kolhapur not solved resulting into floods from backwaters. Mah.Govt.tried to convince them thru Central Govt. But in vain due to their state's probable disaster.
P.S. (Aug.11)
Mumbai disease alert- Read today's rediffnews. Those who suffer from any symptoms of stomach upset, fever etc. should consult Dr.immediately. Take care.

P.S. (Oct.4)
Still rains here. So, umbrella in purse is must while going out. Mumbaikars enjoyed Ganpati festival and Puneities too. Many Ganpati mandals spent less on scenes/decoration and donated to flood affected families. Good guesture on their part. Now mandals are busy preparing for Durgapuja pandals since Navratri days started today. Garba-Dandiya is played by youngsters and elders too more in Mumbai than in Pune I think. Ofcourse, it is observed more at Gujrath being place of origin for Garba. I used to listen to garba songs "E khamma mara nandji na lal, bansari na re bajao......" oh, I dont remember right words...correct me if you know. Then Gujju ladies sending off each other late night saying," E khamma ma", "E Aaojo". I enjoyed Gujju words during my childhood when I had Gujju neighbours around. Hope rains co-operate Durgapuja.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Life's truth-

Wish to write few lines on Life i.e.what we experience in general. You must admit that everyday is not the same and if it is same, something is wrong definitely. Happiness doesn't wait at your doorstep always or sadness too. So, one has to be bold enough to face the truth of life ( I am saying, assuming I have found it). Sometimes, I feel one should not make it habit to become sad. On the contrary sadness offers us guidelines, how to get thru it towards path of happiness. This blog has given me way to express myself so I am taking opportunity of lecturing you a bit. "Every dark cloud has silver lines"...... If today I am feeling low, it is me to think over it and get out of it and help myself. It is rightly said, "God helps them who help themselves". This doesn't mean that I should get my happiness by making others unhappy. Mostly I see ppl.doing this strategy to get happiness. Do your business honestly by not deceiving or hurting others and then only the benefit you receive will be priceless. Hurting others in no way will be excused by God even...... There is say in Marathi for this wrong doing,"Yachi dehi, yachi dola parat phed karawi lagte". One has to think over it. This means during this life only one will have to pay back for the wrong doings.

So, friends, today's lessons -1)"Live and let others live", 1)"Don't worry, Be happy !!" (I know, I too have to implement what I said).

Friday, July 22, 2005

Most beautiful amongst Mount Rainier Album (snap II on amruta's blog),so could not resist giving it special appearance on my blog.

BTW, photography is area which I am fond of. I just can't keep away my camera when I am with nature. Mine is Yashika Zoom camera which needs developing/printing,and doesn't have editing feature. Here digicams have got edge over it. However, preserving printed photos and going thru them leisurely is always different thing than to visit some site which needs courtesy of pc/laptop,internet connections and moreover the website where photos are uploaded. Sounds bit -ve? can't help. Everything has it's own plus,minuses. Isn't it. I thought it as I can't show photos on site to my parents/relatives that easily. Anyways, atleast I am enjoying them.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Guru Paurnima- 21st July,05
This blog devoted to my school teacher Smt.Malati Vaze mam.

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Deo Maheshwarah,
Gurur sakshat parabrahma, Tasmayee Shree Gurawe Namah !!!

All Indians knowing Sanskrit, I think, know these lines right from school days where one of the Gurus have special place in heart of each student. I remember my school days here and of course remember my most loved teacher Shrimati Malati Vaze ( we used to call her Vazebai). She was loved by all students who were sincere to learn esp. English at my school. She used to inspire us in all directions of life i.e. appearing exams.for English language at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, then taking part in competitions at school, planning for studies with scheduling other routine tasks sparing time for rest (mind well again, she wasn't management faculty). It was yr.1970 when I got her as Guru to remain in my mind for ever. Obviously, I passed on her ideas reg. scheduling/preparation of studies which was unique to my kids. You may find that idea bit exaggerated or tedious but it is quite practical and must for every student preparing for any exam. on this earth..... Ok, ok, won't keep it secret.....I will narrate that idea for all reading this blog esp.for school going children (even parents would like it)-

Ten Steps-
1) When you have one yr. at hand- so 365 days - in a way 4 hrs.min daily studies (keeping other time for household work and/or rest) - 1460 hrs. Sounds you feel comfortable to finish studies. Then deduct some hrs.say 60 for festivals/functions at home etc. still you are comfotable.

2) So 1400 your hand- then how many subjects/papers you have to study? Divide no.of subjects (including practicals etc.which need less preparation than studying books). Say you got 1400 divided by 7 subjects= 200 hrs.per subject.

3) Then count no.of topics covered in syllabus for each subject (which may vary from subject to subject). So, if English has 20 lessons (incl.poetry/rapid reading etc.) you get 10 hrs.per lesson...more than enough na?
Then if Science has 10 lessons (but you feel, they will take more time for preparation) you will get 20 hrs.per lesson. On the contrary if Science has 20 lessons you will get same 10 hrs.,which you feel are less for digesting difficult concepts. Then you can allot more science say 15 hrs. reducing 5 hrs. allotted to English lesson. Hushh ! you are comfortable now with Science.

4) Once you have allotted hrs.of lessons for each subject. Get set go !! Caution- you have to review quarterly whether you are following schedule. If not, check where you are lacking. Suppose you have bi-monthly, quarterly,half yrly exams. you can keep some cushion days.

5) Then review after six months. If you feel you could not complete lessons as per your expectations for any reason like sickness or guests or family vacation etc. just do same exercise of dividing but this time count days remained and lessons remained to be studied (including revision of already studied lessons as they may prove your strong point at exam).

6) Second review- when two months are left .

7) Third review- when one month is left.

8) Fourth review- Ten days are left for exam.

9)Fifth review- Two days left.

10)The day of exam.- and here you feel prepared, I am sure. Just be cool and write down some important things/points or anything you feel you would forget on a piece of paper, revise it and you are bound to remember whole thing.

I am sure, nobody in the world will stop you from getting success when you are confidently prepared. BTW, my teacher mentioned in this blog happens to be sister of Mr.Madhav Vaze who played role of Shyam in "Shyamchi Aai". Hope this blog inspires all students on this mother earth.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

See my just born baby-

"Baher paus, aat paus,
chimb ole man, tasech chimb ole vichar,
Hridayachya tara chedlya nahi tarach nawal.
Sare kahi nawin dhutalya tandalasarakhe,
srustichi kimaya gelya varshi sarakhich,
tarihi watate na nawin,
toch to aasmant, hirwai tich, nilayi tich,
mag ashi kay jadu hote,
ki ethe tithe nawe nawe
ani wate jag sare mazyach kawet hawe."

Inspired by my today's blog reg."Barsat"....How'z my baby? Isn't it as tender as rose bud?
"Rimzim ke tarane leke aayi barasat......." then "Barasat mein, tak dhina dhin...." and so on.....there are many good hindi/marathi songs on Barsat topic. Rainy season started right in June here..still it's hot in the afternoon sometimes. Summer though getting behind the greenary, showing it's presence by bird's making beautiful sounds like Kuhu, Kuhu, kuhu, kuhu, kuhu Kokil, ys. exactly five times at a time, I noticed just now on the green trees having colourful flowers next to balcony. Then these kokil start competing each other it seems making it more interesting to listen. Here I remember song as usual- "Kokila ga, ga re..........." (don't remember full song). To add further, though in song there is mention of kokila, it's just to make easy it's always Kokil not Kokila who makes such nice sound to call Kokila in summers, sitting mostly on Mango trees. Is'nt it interesting ? Nature is Great !!! And I always think mankind is one of the products of Nature, so it's responbility of mankind to take utmost care of Nature which plays role of parents. Am I saying any exaggerated thing? Hope you agree with me.

Today on Travel Living channel they showed Burmuda island which is 650 km.away from East coast of United States. You must have heard about Burmuda triangle which is scary place to travel.....but this island wasn't at all.. they showed it as tourists place having three beaches and how ppl. there keep clean environment there by not throwing used cups,cans etc. Keeping clean environment is yet another topic to discuss of course. Well, it's time for my afternoon tea with ginger. See ya soon !!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday, the 18th July,05 is Aashadhi Ekadashi, whole day Upwas i.e. Fasting day eating typical items like Sabudana Khichadi,soaked sabudana with curd (jeera/green chilli phodni added)then potato-kees which I prefer most from all items allowed on fasting days. I am enjoying Travel living channel while having potato kees. South Indian food preparations are shown under Global food items. Sorry to say, I watched non-veg.Dum biryani on fasting day! I know, my kids are going to laugh at me to say so. Well, I don't mind atleast watching, when I am not purchasing or eating or even serving. That way, I follow my mindset and not because it's tradition here or discipline of my religion.
Anyway, to add more about this day- Warkari go to Aalandi gaon, Pandharpur for worshiping God Vitthal and Sant Dnyaneshwar who is called "Dnyaniyancha Raja" who really spread knowledge through writing "Dnyaneshwari Granth" right in his childhood. I admire the way Sant Dnyaneshwar spent his short but full of troubles life with his brothers and lovely sister Muktai. There was no management concept those days,afterall, I always think, most of the times, hard situations teach big lessons of life.
It's weekend and everyone must recharge for routine weekdays ahead. So,why not me too? Just had been to Prithwi for dinner. It was to have change from daily usual cooking at home. Yumm, nan and veg.Jaipuri which was bit on sweet side. Oops, too late to come back (11.45pm- we never do such late night dinners). Moreover, it was raining in the dark...autorickshaw came to our resque just for 5 min.walk distance to home otherwise. I think, this is one of the advantages being in India, Pune. BTW, I like my city being my native place and may be I feel more comfortable always here. Remembered song- Jaha dal dal par sone ki chidiya karti hai basera, woh Bharat Desh hai mera !!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Inspired by Amruta's blogs here, I have just created my page here. Wish to post my thoughts and even my own poems. Well,it's raining outside and so I am on keyboard even on Sun.evening. Visit me at and check my collection of Marathi Kavitas. Then enjoy my reviews (53 total till date) at (as eagle_eye id) which are written under various categories e.g. health,Educaiton.