Monday, August 22, 2005

Stress Management-

This concept is coming up more these days. There are many ways to reduce stress right from meditation to listening good music. So, here are some nice tips I liked.

1) Knowing your strong points and weak points well,

2) Developing ability to get thru unexpected situations,

3) Positive Monologues,

4) Support groups (not like kitty parties)e.g.books,positive thoughts.

5) Not having too much expectations from partners,colleagues,friends.

I know, it is easy to say than to implement. Let us start practicing it. My best wishes.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

1) Mango Soothie-
Ingredients- 2 mangoes (fresh or equivalent frozen/pulp),
8 Lichies cleaned,
Sugar to taste,
curd ( Use creamy milk if you dont like curd),
Ice cubes (3/4)

Procedure- Put mango cut in cubes in fridge for half an hr. then put it in mixer, add Lichies, sugar, one cup curd and blend the mixture. Then add Ice cubes and blend again.
Your Mango Smoothie is ready to enjoy.

2) Watermelon Smoothie-

Ingredients- 1/4th watermelon,
strawberry crush,
small ginger to taste,
four/five mint leaves
sugar to taste,
Ice cubes (3/4).

Procedure- Clean watermelon and make it in cubes then freeze it for half an hr., then blend it in mixer. Add ice cubes and strawberry crush ,blend again, Add 3/4 mint leaves and crushed ginger and sugar to taste. Blend and serve this pink healthy soft drink.

3) Veg. Smoothie-
Ingredients- One bowl of carrot cut in cubes,
One bowl of tomatoes cut,
half gaddi celery if available,
salt, black pepper to taste,
half Lemon juice,
Ice cubes,

Procedure- Blend cut tomatoes in mixer, add carrot pieces and blend the mixture well. Add salt,pepper, celery and Ice cubes and blend it finely. Veg. smoothie is ready. You can add watermelon in this to make mixture thin.

Note- Smoothies are summer drinks.
Watched these receipes at "Khana Khazana" from Sanjeev Kapoor.
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