Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tp is good sometimes to refresh ourselves. U know, there r many ways according to likings. I like to listen good music mostly. Watching good movies, collectibles, old photo albums (of near n dear ones ofcourse), travelling, photography, singing, dancing, decorating even blogging n so on can give u good change. Well it depends on one's passion. I used to like draw pics in childhood... so sometime even rangoli used to give me pleasure. So, it may depend on capacity and hobbies too.
My dear mom liked to stich something always... it was her creativity, so she liked to remain engaged, even after retirement, applying new ideas even for newly born babies of friends/relatives or decorative ornaments of flowers (and sankrant white halwa).
Ok let me stop blogging and do some other tp [ just kidding] .. need to do household core. You may continue with tp of ur liking in spare time [ if u r lucky to get it :) ].