Wednesday, November 16, 2005

14th Nov.2005-

All Indians know, 14th Nov. is observed as "Baldin" being Pandit Nehru's birthdate and also as he was fond of children. Children used to call him "Chacha Nehru". Now, that there is one more personality in India, present President of India APJ Abdul Kalam who thinks,cares for children. He meets them answers to their thousands of queries on variety of subjects including development of nation, education in India, peaceful life,politics and so on. This year I found rediff dot com arranged livechat thru internet and he answered some questions- read this link

I am impressed,inspired. India is Nation having cultural, religious and language diversity. It's geographical atmosphere too has diversity. Really it's good guesture to satisfy doubtful minds of children by first person of Nation. PRESIDENT HAS SUGGESTED US TO REPLY HIS ONE QUESITON THRU HIS SITE-
Question is- "What will I be remembered for ?" (I here means you)

I wish, everyone reading this blog should try over it sincerely.