Thursday, September 14, 2006

My New Addiction-

Thought to write here after a long time. Don't know what held me back from blogging. This month my son found new job of his choice in Pune, so might be bit busy observing his shifting,resuming process though I wasn't physically involved. Sometimes, occupied mind doesn't allow one to do activities of leisure time. Isn'it it?

So, my new addiction is our own Google's Orkut. Writing scraps,reading scraps,getting/sending fun msg.s,watching nice pics,photos, meeting known/unknown ppl.spread all over world, it is all fun and relaxing thing.

I hope ppl.don't misuse freedom of speech on Orkut as we (MSians) came across on on few occasions. Ppl.should enjoy this site properly and get benefits out of it. Sounds bit talking like phylosopher? However, facts are sometimes bitter.

Ok, so this Orkut, kid of Google is taking my time these days and I am enjoying it till this moment.