Friday, January 13, 2006

Interior decoration in kitchen-
Always I wished good decoration in kitchen. After long wait,atlast we decided to renovate it and visited two/three kitchen trolley/cabinet makers, fixed one of them with moderate cost on checking quality. Technical words in quotation always confuse me e.g. MDF,partical board (which comes in seven varieties I came to know afterwards),then 2D or 3D, drip unit. MDF is factory processed sheet which is more nice looking than usual sunmica pasted on wooden sheets/shutters. 2D means 2 drawer system and 3D means 3 Drawer sys.while good quality partical board is generally used for cabinets.

These decorators don't tell you clearly how many glasses they will fix in show case or how many horizonal partitions will be inside wall cabinets. So, as per our convenience, we have to take it in writing not to allow them to forget conveniently and then increasing costs at every stage while work is going on or after completing work. I studied quotation first to check whether my requirements are mentioned atleast with 80% clarity as otherwise I would have asked them renewed quotation to get clear idea what is going to be done at what exact cost.

Since old oota had some odd small pillars and extra cement layers, to accommodate 3D system under main oota and L shape side it was necessary to remove original structure and civil work was needed. I watched every bit of it though cant remember every technical name used inside granite which is fixed after putting kadappahs. It created more space on removing those fat pillars and on putting just one vertical kadappah to separate sink area from usable trolleys area. Then tiling work is must to keep walls clean above gas stove.

I decided where I want 3Ds and 2 Ds. However, I must have decided two/three upper drawers with firm base, instead just putting hard plastic sheet to put small items used in kitchen.

Trolleys come in fixed variety i.e. one for steel thalis/dishes,one for cup/soccers with glasses and small bowls,one for serving spoons,one for big bowls. Rest we can decide according to specifications of grain containers/wheat floor like items to be kept in kitchen. Then trolleys come in three types,powder coated,plastic coated and steel. Steel is obviously costly. Plastic coated are cost/quality wise ok, so we selected it. Then steel handles are good for maintenance than brass ones. Near cylendar area they give one wheel trolley to remove while changing gas cylendar. Then they give drip unit above sink area to let water drip from cups and soccers on washing them.

Actually, I changed shutters colour from maroon/silver combi.which I had thought to select on visiting showroom. Maroon was bad for west and silver was bad for East,according to Fengshui chart in the book recently I gone through, so chose other nice combi.i.e. light brown wooden and European white(yellowish white)colours. Btw, maroon is good for South direction and white/silver is good for West direction but my kitchen was having work at three directions- viz. east,south and west.

Nice showcase in kitchen adds to beauty of kitchen definitely so I decided two cabinets total 5 length with four glass doors and two horizontal glasses making three compartments inside. Kitchen is mostly right area for keeping God, so one more glass cabinet with two small glasses were decided to have a nice look and having comfortable puja with flowers,agarbatti. Afterall, He is who offers us all comforts of life. Isn't it??

Then comes colouring work. I selected colours suitable for cabinet/shutters and also for tiles making deco in kitchen more beautiful. Before I forget, I must tell here, three small C shape glasses in the corner to keep decorative items are adding further to beauty apart from sliding glass window above gas stove with exhaust fan.

I wrote this blog for inspiring those who wish to renovate their kitchen and just to keep diary of what I supervised closely.


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Hi Medhaji,
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By the way, your KITCHEN renovation TIPS are X'cellent. Recently I also started getting interested in INTERIOR stuff (New flat :-) ).

Keep Posted.


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