Saturday, February 10, 2007


Four words are enough to make me n u think endlessly. Isn't it right? right, go on n on...find answer if u can.

Oh,me sound phylosopher? not at all, just a common person like u and them out there in the world..again same phylosophy. ok ok.

Let us think when and why our mind interefer and gets restless for any damn thing, material or worldly for which we should not become so or think much, esp.when we know very well "everything takes its own time" or "we r just puppets of His (God) hands" etc.etc. Then why I am thinking on this at all,just for fun? no way, to write something on? may be,Or just as I am thinking of something? more possible,Or as I am restless? quite possible...what about your state of mind after reading this? became restless, or feeling bored or started thinking on something like me or just having fun to read me?

Anyway, if out of this u r feeling one thing, my blog is successful.
so, byeeeeeeeeee for now. Now, I have stopped thinking n will watch some light series on TV.