Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My letter our dearest friend "Nature"-

Oh Nature, first let me ask what is going on in your mind ? Your kids (read just come out of Tsunami and then earthquake at some places (recent being at Andaman-Nikobar scale 7.2) and now there is flood like situations in Maharashtra. Chief person(called Chief Minister) of Mah. today took bird-view of Mumbai even thru hellicopter as plyovers were traffic-jam, ppl. are stuck at buses/ rail stations due to heavy rains. It is said, rains have broken records of last 100 yrs. at some places. Well, it's due to opening of outlets of some dams, we know....but result is not pleasant. Mumbai is affected very badly unexpectedly with water levels upto double decker/first floor floor. Thanks God Pune is saved till today. Next 48 hrs. rains should slow down to make Mumbai work as usual. On new Pune-Mumbai highway there is downfalling of big stones due to rains disturbing traffic which is turned to old highway in between.. hope situation will be under control. My neighbours are scheduled to come this Monday, hope they can easily travel thru new highway as before.

I don't understand on one side there are flood like situations and on other side it is shown that there was fire at Oil plant in Sea and 45 employees on that plant are missing while 225 rescued.(Watched on Zee Marathi my for marathi serials on which I wish to write sometime). Am I quoting boring statistics? But thought to write down to make my point clear. Oh Nature, have a mercy with your creation. I know, you must be getting disturbed by some destructive activities done by your kids but forgive them before they cry for it."

Hope, I won't need write any reminder to our dear friend Nature.

Neighbours came back home on 2nd Aug.
75 trucks full of veg. are going daily to Mumbai from Pune, Nasik,Nagar as Mumbai's market experienced shortage and huge prices after floods.
Cars drowned in water need huge servicing ( I read in newspaper)
Insurance Cos.are promising to help on the basis of documentation of household appliances etc. for those who had insured their household items. They have advised comprehensive Insu.policy instead of only bugglery policy which doesn't cover floods or fire....advising to list out things,take photos of damaged furnitures,electronic items home before they dispose off (may be for documentation purpose if receipts are lost). People will need bearing 5%of market price of lost items and first of all opt for "new for old" while taking out policy or else depreciation will be considered....then for fixtures like wardrobes their costs are added in building costs and at Mumbai most of bldgs.are insured.- ( for detail news refer rediff news).

P.S.- (Aug.6)
Central Govt. has declared 1 crore help to Mah.State for rehabilitation work after floods.
Sakal relief fund collected at Sakal = Total amt. 13 lacs + (read in today's sakal) Further they are collecting help in form of old clothes,utensils etc. for flood affected some centres in City.
Mumbai is recovering step by step but slowly.
Karnataka Govt. not ready to outlet more water from Alamatti Dam as they fear of 600 towns getting into water (in Karnataka), so problem of Sangli,Kolhapur not solved resulting into floods from backwaters. Mah.Govt.tried to convince them thru Central Govt. But in vain due to their state's probable disaster.
P.S. (Aug.11)
Mumbai disease alert- Read today's rediffnews. Those who suffer from any symptoms of stomach upset, fever etc. should consult Dr.immediately. Take care.

P.S. (Oct.4)
Still rains here. So, umbrella in purse is must while going out. Mumbaikars enjoyed Ganpati festival and Puneities too. Many Ganpati mandals spent less on scenes/decoration and donated to flood affected families. Good guesture on their part. Now mandals are busy preparing for Durgapuja pandals since Navratri days started today. Garba-Dandiya is played by youngsters and elders too more in Mumbai than in Pune I think. Ofcourse, it is observed more at Gujrath being place of origin for Garba. I used to listen to garba songs "E khamma mara nandji na lal, bansari na re bajao......" oh, I dont remember right words...correct me if you know. Then Gujju ladies sending off each other late night saying," E khamma ma", "E Aaojo". I enjoyed Gujju words during my childhood when I had Gujju neighbours around. Hope rains co-operate Durgapuja.


Blogger Dream Merchant said...

All your friend is trying to do is to keep the population under control :) like Amu always says... India's population is just way too much, beyond what nature can really support...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 1:17:00 PM  
Blogger Medha Purandare said...

It's not the only reason. Well, it's Nature which changes the face. If there is earthquake below water it affects level of waters Oceans hold spreading it over earth. And again earthquakes may be due to inside pressures of fire i.e. volcanoes. Hope I am in right direction to talk on.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 1:44:00 PM  
Blogger Medha Purandare said...

Second reason- unplanned,unauthorised buildings in Mumbai or unauthorised slums on riverside in Pune too. When water level of rivers increases due to rains and/or outletting dam waters, these buildings/slums are bound to go in waters 5/10 ft.

There must be pre-planning reg.constructions of building and disaster planning for natural calamities like earthquakes,floods beforehand to reduce volume of loss.

Hope this makes sense.

Sunday, August 07, 2005 10:36:00 PM  
Blogger Medha Purandare said...

Recently Flood Review committee at Mumbai has concluded that usage of plastic bags on large scale resulted in blockage of gutters, drainage system collapsed. Hence, dirty waters started flowing alongwith rain watger,river water ( again "Mithi" river's dimensions are narrowed according to whims of builders) right on roads,through buildings.
So,now usage of plastic bags are banned and from next month there will be huge fine on sale and usage.


Friday, August 26, 2005 11:28:00 AM  

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