Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Rimzim ke tarane leke aayi barasat......." then "Barasat mein, tak dhina dhin...." and so on.....there are many good hindi/marathi songs on Barsat topic. Rainy season started right in June here..still it's hot in the afternoon sometimes. Summer though getting behind the greenary, showing it's presence by bird's making beautiful sounds like Kuhu, Kuhu, kuhu, kuhu, kuhu Kokil, ys. exactly five times at a time, I noticed just now on the green trees having colourful flowers next to balcony. Then these kokil start competing each other it seems making it more interesting to listen. Here I remember song as usual- "Kokila ga, ga re..........." (don't remember full song). To add further, though in song there is mention of kokila, it's just to make easy it's always Kokil not Kokila who makes such nice sound to call Kokila in summers, sitting mostly on Mango trees. Is'nt it interesting ? Nature is Great !!! And I always think mankind is one of the products of Nature, so it's responbility of mankind to take utmost care of Nature which plays role of parents. Am I saying any exaggerated thing? Hope you agree with me.

Today on Travel Living channel they showed Burmuda island which is 650 km.away from East coast of United States. You must have heard about Burmuda triangle which is scary place to travel.....but this island wasn't at all.. they showed it as tourists place having three beaches and how ppl. there keep clean environment there by not throwing used cups,cans etc. Keeping clean environment is yet another topic to discuss of course. Well, it's time for my afternoon tea with ginger. See ya soon !!!


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