Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tp is good sometimes to refresh ourselves. U know, there r many ways according to likings. I like to listen good music mostly. Watching good movies, collectibles, old photo albums (of near n dear ones ofcourse), travelling, photography, singing, dancing, decorating even blogging n so on can give u good change. Well it depends on one's passion. I used to like draw pics in childhood... so sometime even rangoli used to give me pleasure. So, it may depend on capacity and hobbies too.
My dear mom liked to stich something always... it was her creativity, so she liked to remain engaged, even after retirement, applying new ideas even for newly born babies of friends/relatives or decorative ornaments of flowers (and sankrant white halwa).
Ok let me stop blogging and do some other tp [ just kidding] .. need to do household core. You may continue with tp of ur liking in spare time [ if u r lucky to get it :) ].

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Four words are enough to make me n u think endlessly. Isn't it right? right, go on n on...find answer if u can.

Oh,me sound phylosopher? not at all, just a common person like u and them out there in the world..again same phylosophy. ok ok.

Let us think when and why our mind interefer and gets restless for any damn thing, material or worldly for which we should not become so or think much, esp.when we know very well "everything takes its own time" or "we r just puppets of His (God) hands" etc.etc. Then why I am thinking on this at all,just for fun? no way, to write something on? may be,Or just as I am thinking of something? more possible,Or as I am restless? quite possible...what about your state of mind after reading this? became restless, or feeling bored or started thinking on something like me or just having fun to read me?

Anyway, if out of this u r feeling one thing, my blog is successful.
so, byeeeeeeeeee for now. Now, I have stopped thinking n will watch some light series on TV.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

My New Addiction-

Thought to write here after a long time. Don't know what held me back from blogging. This month my son found new job of his choice in Pune, so might be bit busy observing his shifting,resuming process though I wasn't physically involved. Sometimes, occupied mind doesn't allow one to do activities of leisure time. Isn'it it?

So, my new addiction is our own Google's Orkut. Writing scraps,reading scraps,getting/sending fun msg.s,watching nice pics,photos, meeting known/unknown ppl.spread all over world, it is all fun and relaxing thing.

I hope ppl.don't misuse freedom of speech on Orkut as we (MSians) came across on on few occasions. Ppl.should enjoy this site properly and get benefits out of it. Sounds bit talking like phylosopher? However, facts are sometimes bitter.

Ok, so this Orkut, kid of Google is taking my time these days and I am enjoying it till this moment.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy Sankrant (e-tilgul ghya ani god bola) !!!
On this occasion, I wish you to read my favourite old Hindi love songs.

It is definitely difficult to define Love in simple sentence. Love can not bound by the term relationship, it can be for family, friends, pets even. Love is natural affection created by Great "God" to make the world going ! When somebody loves him/her, he/she remembers him/her when he/she is feeling low and also when he/she is feeling top of the world as well !! Love surely needs 100% involvement, 100% trust, 100% willingness to sacrifice if need be, with 0% ego or selfishness. Hope you agree with me.

So, here are my fav.twenty Hindi Love songs from list of thousands-

1) Ye sama, sama hai ye pyarka, kisi ke Intjarka,
Dil na churale kahin mera, mausam bahar ka......

Picturised on cute, emotional Nanda in Jab Jab Phul Khile. Nanda was seen so involved in this song that she could not think of someone (Shashi) watching her dance in dreamy mood. She is best ever seen in this slow dance.

2) Aaiye meherban, baithiye jane jan,
houkse lijiye ji, Ishq ki Imtihan............

Divine beauty, without which review will be incomplete.None other than, Madhubala who in her unique style does slow dance. This dance is yet another proof that slow dances can be found more attractive than fast dances. Just can’t miss it.

3) Piya tose naina lage re, naina lage re,
Jane kya ho ab aage re, ab aage re,
Piya tose naina lage re, naina lage re,
Piya, O, ho piya,
OO, OO piya, O, ho piya............

Simple and sweet Wahidaji at her best in ’’Guide’’. Stage and her make up/dresses are changed in every stanza which makes us understand passing time progressively. Great involvement.

4) Tere mere sapne, ab ek rang hai,
jaha bhi le jayega re, hum sang hai,
O,O, tere mere sapne.................

Once again my fav.Guide. Too lovely song full of emotions. Rafi sab the Great !! Vahidaji hats off !!.

5) Ehsan tera hoga mujhpar, dil chahta hai jo,
kahene do, mujhe tumse mohobbat ho gayi hai mujhe,
palkon ki chaw mein rahene do..........

I like Rafi sab singing this song than in Lataji voice. Dear Shammiji has performed it very effectively to feel as if he is singing.

6) Bahot Shukriya ssssss, badi meherbani sssss,
meri jindagi mein hujur aap aaye..........

(sssssss stands for aalap extending last alphabet)

Joy Mukherjee addressing this song to Sadhana in ’’Ek musafir Ek hasina’’. Sadhanaji saying,’’Muze dar hai muzmein gurur aa na jaye,lagu zumne main, surur aa na jaye.........’’ I like these lines more. Excellent use of musical instruments and nice lyrics too.

7) Pyar huwa, Ikrar huwa hai,
Pyar se phir kyu darta hai dil,
kahata hain dil, rasta mushkil,
malum nahi hai kahan manjil..........

Best screen pair ever seen according to me, need I mention ? Raj Kapoor (ji) and Nargis (ji) excellent always in all love scenes/songs. You know, black Umbrella made this song picturisation more effective.

8) Lagi chutena, hai, lagi chutena,
ab to sanam ssssss, chahe jaye jiyasssssss, teri kasam...........

I remember this song due to it’s music esp. harmonium used beautifully. Pl. tell me on whom it is picturised, I haven’t watched this song since long.

9) Tu mera chand, main teri chandni,
O sssssssss, Osssssssss, OO, OO, O, Nahi dilka lagana koi dillagi, koi dillagi......

It was on Radio Binaca Geet mala famous song which Amin Sayaniji used to announce. Suraiyyaji’s voice made this song more attractive. Film was ’’Dillagi’’.

10) Tu kahan ye bata sssssss , Is nashili ratmein sss,
mane na mera dil diwana,
hai, mane na mera dil diwana............

Dev sab finding Nutan his lover in pahadi Ilaka (rocky area) of Darjeeling in ’’Tere Ghar ke Samne’’. Echo sound used brilliantly.

11) Jara samne to aao chaliye,
chup chup chalnemein kya raj hai,
tu chup na sakega parmatma,
meri atma ki ye aawaj hai.............

Actually, this song is addressed to Him i.e. God but these lines suit to your loved one perfectly. Perhaps telepathy implied in it, I mean Aatma ki Aawaj, appealed me most.

12) Jo wada kiya woh, nibhana padega,
Roke jamana chahe,
Roke khudai, tumko aana padega............

From Taj Mahal, picturised on Beena Roy and Pradeep Kumar. Proved Beena Roy as successful actress.

13) Pav chu lene do, phulonko Inayat hogi,
Inayat hogi,
Humko dar hai, ke ye tohin-e-mohobbat hogi,
Mohobbat hogi..........

Decently picturised once again from Taj Mahal on Beena Roy and Pradeep Kumar. I liked Beenaji walking just through the flowers spread over floor (err), trying not to put feet on them. Song is sweet no doubt.

14)Jindagi bhar nahi bhulegi, woh barsat ki rat,
Ek anjan hasina se mulakat ki rat.............

Barsat aur Pyar nice equation seen many times in Hindi films. Rafiji made it divine. Madhubala too good in this song in rains that too in black and white. Isn’t it great?

15) Ye chandsa roshan chehra,
julfonka rang sunhara,
ye zil si neeli aankhen,
koi raj hai in mein gahera,
Taarif karun kya uski, jisne tumhe banaya...........

Most romantic song with fabulous rhythm, I ever heard which is picturised on my fav.Shammiji with Sharmilaji. I think she was introduced in "Kashmir Ki Kali" film first time. What an introduction !

16) Deewana huwa badal,
Sawan ki ghata chayi, ye dekhke dil zuma sss,
Li pyar ne Angdayee sss, Diwana huwa badal...........

Rafi sab with Aashaji making best combination in "Kashmir ki Kali".

17) Abhi na jao chodkar,
yeh Dil abhi bhara nahi.......

"Bura na mano bat ka, ye pyar hai geela nahi" Kya bat hai !! Jana bhi hai, rukna bhi hai, Shikwa bhi hai, pyar bhi hai. Jaise pani mein Tarang uthe ho, aaise emotions bikhare hain.

18) Do sitaronka jameenpar hai milan aaj ki rat,
Muskurata hai ummidon ka chaman aaj ki rat ssssss...

Film Kohinoor and Rafiji making song divine.

19)Sasonki tal par, dhadkan ki tal ka sssss,
Dil ki pukar ka, Rang bhare pyar ka sssss,
geet gaya pathharone........

Love can make stones sing a song. Picturisation of this song is really must see. Rajshree and Jitendra in his earlier days.

20) Sakhi ri mora man uljhe, tan dole,
Man uljhe, tan dole sssss,
Ab chain pade tab hi, jab unse milan howe,
sakhi ri mora...........

Vaijayantimalaji shown as a expert dancer in Amrapali, singing this song remembering her Sainik who in fact was actually King of different kingdom (Sunil Dutt). I like Vaijantimalaji’s all dances and this song has no dance performance, it is just her own mood.

Among new songs, I can immediately recall few like Ek ladki ko dekha to aaisa laga (1942- A Love story), Bahon ke darmiyan
(khamoshi), Ye hasin wadiya, ye khula aasman (Roja).


By this time, I am sure, you have hummed most of the above songs while reading. If yes, I am not at all surprised.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Interior decoration in kitchen-
Always I wished good decoration in kitchen. After long wait,atlast we decided to renovate it and visited two/three kitchen trolley/cabinet makers, fixed one of them with moderate cost on checking quality. Technical words in quotation always confuse me e.g. MDF,partical board (which comes in seven varieties I came to know afterwards),then 2D or 3D, drip unit. MDF is factory processed sheet which is more nice looking than usual sunmica pasted on wooden sheets/shutters. 2D means 2 drawer system and 3D means 3 Drawer sys.while good quality partical board is generally used for cabinets.

These decorators don't tell you clearly how many glasses they will fix in show case or how many horizonal partitions will be inside wall cabinets. So, as per our convenience, we have to take it in writing not to allow them to forget conveniently and then increasing costs at every stage while work is going on or after completing work. I studied quotation first to check whether my requirements are mentioned atleast with 80% clarity as otherwise I would have asked them renewed quotation to get clear idea what is going to be done at what exact cost.

Since old oota had some odd small pillars and extra cement layers, to accommodate 3D system under main oota and L shape side it was necessary to remove original structure and civil work was needed. I watched every bit of it though cant remember every technical name used inside granite which is fixed after putting kadappahs. It created more space on removing those fat pillars and on putting just one vertical kadappah to separate sink area from usable trolleys area. Then tiling work is must to keep walls clean above gas stove.

I decided where I want 3Ds and 2 Ds. However, I must have decided two/three upper drawers with firm base, instead just putting hard plastic sheet to put small items used in kitchen.

Trolleys come in fixed variety i.e. one for steel thalis/dishes,one for cup/soccers with glasses and small bowls,one for serving spoons,one for big bowls. Rest we can decide according to specifications of grain containers/wheat floor like items to be kept in kitchen. Then trolleys come in three types,powder coated,plastic coated and steel. Steel is obviously costly. Plastic coated are cost/quality wise ok, so we selected it. Then steel handles are good for maintenance than brass ones. Near cylendar area they give one wheel trolley to remove while changing gas cylendar. Then they give drip unit above sink area to let water drip from cups and soccers on washing them.

Actually, I changed shutters colour from maroon/silver combi.which I had thought to select on visiting showroom. Maroon was bad for west and silver was bad for East,according to Fengshui chart in the book recently I gone through, so chose other nice combi.i.e. light brown wooden and European white(yellowish white)colours. Btw, maroon is good for South direction and white/silver is good for West direction but my kitchen was having work at three directions- viz. east,south and west.

Nice showcase in kitchen adds to beauty of kitchen definitely so I decided two cabinets total 5 length with four glass doors and two horizontal glasses making three compartments inside. Kitchen is mostly right area for keeping God, so one more glass cabinet with two small glasses were decided to have a nice look and having comfortable puja with flowers,agarbatti. Afterall, He is who offers us all comforts of life. Isn't it??

Then comes colouring work. I selected colours suitable for cabinet/shutters and also for tiles making deco in kitchen more beautiful. Before I forget, I must tell here, three small C shape glasses in the corner to keep decorative items are adding further to beauty apart from sliding glass window above gas stove with exhaust fan.

I wrote this blog for inspiring those who wish to renovate their kitchen and just to keep diary of what I supervised closely.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's alarming-
Bank ATM's Converted to Steal IDs of Bank Customers

A team of organized criminals are installing equipment on legitimate bank ATM's in at least 2 regions to steal both the ATM card number and the PIN. The team sits nearby in a car receiving the information transmitted wirelessly over weekends and evenings from equipment they install on the front of the ATM (see photos). If you see an attachment like this, do not use the ATM and report it immediately to the bank using the phone on the front of the ATM.

The equipment used to capture your ATM card number and PIN is cleverly disguised to look like normal ATM equipment. A "skimmer" is mounted to the front of the normal ATM card slot that reads the ATM card number and transmits it to the criminals sitting in a nearby car.

At the same time, a wireless camera is disguised to look like a leaflet holder and is mounted in a position to view ATM PIN entries.

The thieves copy the cards and use the PIN numbers to withdraw thousands from many accounts in a very short time directly from the bank ATM.
(I tried to upload 4 pics but could not. Don't know if I am able to upload only one pic and not 4 for one blog, at the above middle,left or right of the write up. Any idea?)

Please give wide publicity.
Tell more people about ATM safety >>>>>>

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Am feeling proud once again ."

One of my friends (office colleague) phoned me immediately on her returning back from her South India trip i.e.on 1st Jan.06 and told me about the news item in TOI dt.26th Dec., which contained my name with details of my letter to President of India (on page 16 under heading "President reaches out to his Heroes".

Thanks to TOI and my friend too to make me aware of it. In a way, TOI has inspired all parents by mentioning my letter details.

I wondered how nobody phoned me or how I missed that news item on the very day esp.when I had written already the blog reg. livechat of students with President on 14th Nov.and then my mail to President answering his q. "What I will be remembered for?" (here I means you). Obviously, I would like to be remembered as Proud Indian Mom who could inspire other parents India and abroad even.

So, parents, (and even students), you may read page 16 and even other pages reg.President's news items of TOI dt. 26th Dec.05.