Sunday, October 16, 2005


Is there really freedom of speech on this earth? In any country? Yeah, it is said there is. I don't think, rather I have only heard of it as it exists in many countries esp. democratic countries. Ys.,mine is big democratic country. May be thats why I am able to express some of my thoughts till this moment. May be that's why I am able to write this blog here with freedom. Hope this is allowed to me to the fullest extent, as I doubt sometime about writing here freely. Writing goodie goodie things is quite easy job but writing facts and figures, which might be bitter or hard to digest, is always thought in other way.

Sombody says something in the corner of the world and the person or group of persons are getting hurted or causing loss at the other corner of the world. Earth is round and thru internet it has become easier to communicate anywhere fast. Moreover, thoughts which were confined only to paper work, may be books, files, now are preserved somwhere in the space i.e. some servers, gigantic data-serving small chips even. As such, any thought of any corner of world is reached with speed of light to other corner of world, which is by now known fact. If there is freedom of speech, which is obviously outcome of thoughts, until it does not hurt anybody's religious beliefs or doesn't harm anybody physically/mentally, should be allowed to express freely. One can not stop other's thoughts.

It is for mankind to think in right direction of course. Again, what is right and wrong, depends on many factors like where the person is born and brought up, what kind of society he/she lives in i.e. enviornment, what are traditions followed, what is his/her method of earning bread and butter may lie to protect his client, parents even may lie to prevent kids from doing some act which may harm them. One thing may be right under some specific circumstances, and same thing may be wrong in the other e.g. Doctors may conceal some hard truthful facts from patient for his/her well-being, Govt.officials may conceal some facts,figures to keep morale of public in general under emergencies occured due to natural calamities like flood,quakes. So, one has to judge the cicumstances to decide what is right and what is not.

However, whatever right is always right as Truth is like pure gold. What say?


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